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How FEAR-ID Works

Step by step


1. Visit the shop

Whether you choose 1 product or 10, they can all be linked to the same emergency profile in a few easy clicks

2. Setup your account

At checkout you’ll be prompted to create a password and to enter your email. Keep these safe as it’ll be your log-in details for your account.

3. Create and edit your emergency profile

You can either do this before your product arrives, or afterwards. It’s completely up to you. Simply log-in to your account and edit your emergency profile. Add as much or as little information as you wish. You can also upload documents and add a profile picture.

4. Link your product(s)

After receiving your product/s, simply log-in to your online account, click ‘ID and PINs’ on the left hand side and enter the User ID and PIN of each of your products. Remember to click ‘Update’ before finishing.

5. Live your life with confidence

Now your Fear ID products are set up, you can be confident in the fact that all your vital information is there, on your wrist, should they ever be needed.

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